SRP Services

Co2 welding wire

Co2 welding wire

The largest importers active in the field of importing welding wire and electrodes under the IOS brand from China and gaining a leading position in the field of importing this product.

Car spare parts

Car Spare Parts

Import and export of car spare parts, including bearings, needle bearings, universal joint, injector needle and oxygen sensor, etc

Electronic parts

Electronic Parts

Import of jump starter (for starting the car) and power bank and electronic equipment of the RED brand.

Hydroponic greenhouse

Hydroponic Greenhouse

Two hectares of modern hydroponic greenhouse in Qazvin, Iran and the cultivation and export of papaya and tropical fruits to other countries as well as importing Fertilizers and seeds.

manufacturing car parts

Manufacturing Car Parts

Production of parts and spare parts for all kinds of domestic light cars and cooperation with the biggest car manufacturers in the country

Exporter of tropical fruits

Production and export of tropical fruits such as papaya to Persian Gulf countries is one of the activities of this company.

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Direct Bridge Spare Parts And Agricultural Industrial Products

SRP Holding is an importer and exporter of all kinds of auto spare parts , industrial parts and agricultural products. This company started its official activity in 2009 and has cooperated with big companies internationally. The products of this company include a significant share of the auto parts market in Iran.