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Read a little about the activity of SRP Holding

SRP Holding started its activity in 2008 by importing welding wire and electrodes under the IOS brand from China. Within three years, it became one of the largest importers of co2 welding wire.
In 2012, this group added to its activities the import of car spare parts, such as bearings, needle bearings, four forks of the steering wheel and steering wheel, injector needle, and oxygen sensor. car starter) and power bank and electronic equipment and registered the RED brand.
During the years 2018-2019, this company was twice selected as the best entrepreneur of Iran, the construction of two hectares of modern hydroponic greenhouse in Qazvin, Iran, and the beginning of the cultivation and export of papaya and tropical fruits are among other honors of this company.
Car spare parts
Electronic parts


We have defined a new standard of quality and price

Direct bridge of spare parts from manufacturers to consumers

SRP Group has business interactions with many countries including China and Persian Gulf countries.

SRP Holding operates in various fields such as spare parts, automobiles, agriculture, electronic products, e-commerce, etc.

Yes, some of SRP Holding's subsidiaries offer their products and services online.

Yes, we import or export customized products. Customers can contact us and tell us their request to import or export their products. We will try to answer their requests in the best way and send the products to the desired destination.


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